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Come Use Your Key Fob For 24/7/365 Access!

Our Elmira Country Club Fitness center is located on the second-floor of our facility.  Provided to give our members an experience of full health & wellness. Our Center has brand new Cybex Fitness Machines targeted towards developing isometric muscle groups. Cardio Machines to include: ellipticals, stationary bikes, and even treadmills. And lastly, a vast array of free weights.

With access to our fitness center, includes exclusive access to our state of the art locker rooms with beautiful cherry wood lockers, gold plated name bars, showering facilities, and even a sauna.


Our members are provided full-care and quality amenities to ensure they're taken care of. There are some other miscellaneous rooms to include: a Men and Women's card room and even a billiard's area. 

...If you're more of an intermediate or expert of the fitness world - or even enjoy group fitness, did we mention our club membership includes access to NYSF? 

Check out their site here, or tune in down below.  

Full-Access To New York Sport & Fitness (NYSF)

At New York Sport & Fitness, their priority is to provide a welcoming environment for fitness enthusiasts of all ability levels and to offer a variety of avenues for increasing functionality through innovative exercises that works for everyone. Fitness is about increasing your quality of life and performing more efficiently. We know the best way to get fit is for you to be up on your feet, moving in multiple directions. As a result, you acquire more mobility, greater stability, increased balance, and enhanced core strength.


They'll give you the best workout experience possible so that you can achieve these results in a way that is both fun and effective. In addition, they'll assist you to balance your exercise program with the other vital components of nutrition, recovery, and mental wellness for total body health.


At the end of the day, it comes down to being happy and enjoying good health for as long as you possibly can—those are our goals for you too. In every person, there is an athlete - at New York Sport & Fitness, you will find yours!

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